Patrick Neal

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

The circle of the year comes round. Our hemisphere tilts away from the sun. Green turns to gold. The nights grow long. The natural world lies sleeping. The season of giving thanks and being grateful for all the blessings we receive is upon us. As we give thanks, we have faith that the light will return, the bounty of the earth will be given to all, and freedom and justice will flow like a mighty stream. Join with others at WHUUF in communion as we give thanks for our blessings and remember we are not whole until all of our brothers and sisters sit with us as equals at the table of thanksgiving. We will break bread together in an ancient ritual of community and memory that is celebrated in many different traditions and many different ways.

The Turning Point

Unitarian Universalism and WHUUF ourselves are at a turning point. For two-hundred years our denomination has been dominated by a trinity of errors: individualism, exceptionalism, and anti-authoritarianism. While this trinity may have served us well in the past it is leading to ineffectiveness and an inability to share our liberating message. We have created the iChurch where it is all about me, what UU can do for me the individual. Our future will be found in the Beloved Community, a community of justice, a religion and spirituality built on the promise of covenant. The three errors must be replaced by the three promises: generosity, pluralism, and imagination. We are at the turning point—will we turn toward the Beloved Community of the future or turn back to the iChurch.

Showing Up

Perhaps our most radical, controversial, countercultural message as UUs just may be our affirmation that each of us, every single, individual one of us is a part of an interdependent web of all existence. To make such an affirmation with full integrity suggests it is not “what’s in it for me?” but “what’s in it for…us?” Faced with an onslaught of attacks by the new administration on the interdependent web we must stay woke, but we must also show up. Join WHUUF member Patrick Neal in an exploration of what we can do now to resist the attacks on human and environmental rights.

Whole Hearted Stewardship – Our Commitment to WHUUF

This service is a celebration of Commitment Sunday, the start of our annual campaign of generosity. Join Patrick Neal and several members of our congregation in a conversation about why they are committed to WHUUF and give generously of their time, talents, and treasure. Giving is a spiritual experience that leads to transformations and each of these … Continued