Environmental Justice: A UU Response to the Changing Climate

A Community Minister affiliated with Portland’s First Unitarian Church, Katherine is deeply involved in issues of environmental and social justice. This morning she reminds us of the all-encompassing existential threat that climate changes poses to our world today and helps us explore some possible answers to the question of how our Faith calls us to respond, and what resources we have to support that response.

Working for Justice When It Doesn’t Seem to Matter

The idea that we should only act when it will make a positive difference is a message of white culture. It is one that can paralyze white progressives. What might be a better grounding for working for justice?

Raising the Voices of Women Too Often Dismissed

Julia is the Director of Oregon Justice Resource Center’s (OJRC) Women’s Justice Project. She describes her work as “the very humbling privilege of assisting women who live in the margins of our society – incarcerated women, pregnant women struggling with drug addiction, and those who are houseless. By sharing their stories and her experience of assisting them, she helps to bring them into the light and let their voices be heard, encouraging others to recognize, rather than dismiss or disregard them.