Love and Generosity

Generosity is a profound expression of love. In our private lives we are nearly always generous with our time and resources to those we love. But what does it mean to be generous to institutions or to those we do not know? Today is the kick off of our Stewardship drive. What if giving to WHUUF was not an obligation or a contribution to paying our institutional bills, but a way to express your love and commitment to our mission and importance in the wider community?

Humility vs. Hubris

Humility is not a quality regularly associated with Unitarian Universalists. We are rightfully proud of our bold exploration, rigorous reasoning and social justice commitment. How do we guard against the aspects of pride that cause pride to be on the list of “Seven Deadly Sins?” To live into our commitment to creating a just and equitable world for all, we must cultivate our own sense of humility in order to learn from the quieter humble voices that we often miss.