Spring Concert

Once again, Director Melanie Madigan will lead our choir in celebrating the season of renewal with music that lifts our hearts.

White Privilege? White Supremacy Culture? What is That?

Twenty years after the UUA declared itself an anti-racist, anti-oppression organization, the leadership is still nearly all white men. How is it that an organization made up of people who care passionately about diversity and ending racism and oppression is still led by white people? The answers lead us into the mysteries of privilege and culture that we cannot see. It’s time to learn more about it. Black Lives Unitarian Universalists have asked all UU congregations to devote a Sunday service this spring to these issues in response to the recent conflict at the UUA about hiring practices.

Living with Uncertainty

In helping us wrestle with some of the uncertainties we face today, our Community Minister, Kate Lore says: “No humans have ever before been in the position we find ourselves now. There are no written instructions on surviving climate change. There are no PowerPoint presentations on how to reunite a deeply divided people or to wrest power away from those who threaten our future. How can we ever plan for the future if the future is uncertain?”