Rev. Tracy Springberry

The Peace of Forgiveness

Rev. Springberry will reflect on the ways forgiveness gives us peace, why it is so hard and what we can do to make it easier.

The Greatest Epic

Creation stories are stories cultures tell to explain what is important, how things work, and where the power is.  What does the Big Bang/Evolution creation story tell us about what is important, how things work, and where the power is?

Creating the Beloved Community

We strive to create beloved community inside and outside our walls.  What can we do to make this happen?

Why Give?

Giving our life energy is how we stay connected to the great web of life. Today our minister asks us to consider generosity of time and money as a tangible expression of Love.

Finding the Courage to Shine

Often it is not lack of vision or skill, but our fear, that holds us back from being the people we most want to be. This morning Reverend Springberry will help us explore the question “Where do we find courage?”

Fire Communion

Today we will celebrate Fire Communion.  We will let go of that which no longer serves us and set intentions for the New Year.

Christmas and the Land of Expectations

In this sermon, Rev. Springberry, will take us on a trip through the Phantom Tollbooth and sharing some Buddhist wisdom, will discuss ways to minimize Holiday stress and suffering.

Awe and Wonder and the Creation of Beloved Community

“In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels” (Daniel Goleman) This morning Rev Tracy will offer some suggestions and guidance about some of the ways we can use spiritual and emotional intelligence to help save ourselves and communities.