Rev. Tracy Springberry

Finding the Courage to Shine

Often it is not lack of vision or skill, but our fear, that holds us back from being the people we most want to be. This morning Reverend Springberry will help us explore the question “Where do we find courage?”

Fire Communion

Today we will celebrate Fire Communion.  We will let go of that which no longer serves us and set intentions for the New Year.

Christmas and the Land of Expectations

In this sermon, Rev. Springberry, will take us on a trip through the Phantom Tollbooth and sharing some Buddhist wisdom, will discuss ways to minimize Holiday stress and suffering.

Awe and Wonder and the Creation of Beloved Community

“In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels” (Daniel Goleman) This morning Rev Tracy will offer some suggestions and guidance about some of the ways we can use spiritual and emotional intelligence to help save ourselves and communities.

Waking up & Standing up

We live in a country where black men continue to be killed and incarcerated at higher rates than other people. This morning Tracy will help us not only understand the importance of waking up to racial injustice, but will share some guidance as to how we can stand up and work to change this.

Dance of Water, Dance of Change

We will begin the church year with our annual Water Communion. Everyone is invited to bring a small container of water that represents the places you have visited this summer – physically, spiritually, or emotionally. This is an intergenerational service.

Embracing Unitarian Universalism

Learn about WHUUF’s new minister Tracy Springberry, why the world is desperately needs Unitarian Universalism’s values, and how we need to shine our light.