Rev. Tracy Springberry

The Promise and the Practice: Centering the Voices of Black Unitarian Universalists.

At WHUUF and other UU congregations, white voices and stories are most commonly heard from the pulpit. In this service we will listen to the words of Black Unitarian Universalists. This is a celebration of our shared commitment to live into a new chapter in the story of our UU faith. Stay afterwards for the first film and discussion segment of Race: the Power of Illusion , offered by our Racial Justice team.

A Unitarian Christmas

19th century Unitarians created the Christmas that we celebrate today.  They gave the holiday the Blessing of Peace, Joy and Hope.  Rev Tracy reminds us that we need these today.

My Religious Faith

The word “faith” and its cousin “belief” are challenging words for many Unitarian Universalists. I will share what I have faith in and what gives me hope when all seems hopeless.

Extending Hospitality to Ourselves

Have you noticed that it is often much easier to be hospitable, kind and welcoming to others than to yourself? Today we will consider the possibility of being genuinely hospitable to ourselves.

Welcoming the Stranger

When we meet people who appear entirely unlike us, who seem to belong to a group that makes them different, or whose appearance is not what we expect, we usually feel uncomfortable. However, our faith calls us to radical hospitality. This dichotomy can be a challenge.

The Beauty of Listening

Most of us were never taught to listen to people’s hearts and souls. Many of us are rarely listened to so deeply that what is true about ourselves and lives comes flowing out. Listening is one way to experience the beauty that is in each of us.

The Beauty and Power of Water

Come celebrate WHUUF’s traditional homecoming with water communion. Please bring water from a place that has been important to you in the last year or symbolizes a state of being or event.

Chocolate and Fruit Communion

Rev. Tracy will remind us all to savor the joy of life by celebrating Chocolate and Fruit Communion.

Reconsidering Identity

As WHUUF begins the process of renewing its Welcoming Congregations Status, Rev. Tracy Springberry will discuss the ways gender identity is changing.