Remember the old ‘70s song with a similar title? Listen for it “on campus” in its newest iteration. You will probably hear us humming and whistling it a lot during February when our overall Congregational Theme is LOVE! In keeping with that theme, we and the Social Justice Team are bringing you an opportunity throughout the month to support greater Portland’s often homeless LGBTQ youth by donating a pair or two of new/wrapped socks in adult sizes, all colors and varieties. When kids are living in the margins and on the streets, a new pair of socks can provide much comfort. Look for our Rainbow Box creatively designed by Felicity Shoulders and Carrie Tilton-Jones. THANK YOU BOTH!

During February, the Welcoming Congregation Task Force is highlighting the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) in Portland and the assistance they offer to LGBTQ Homeless Youth in our area through their program “New Avenues.”  All donated socks will be taken to the SMYRC at the end of the month for distribution to the kids they serve. And if you’d like your own heart warmed a bit, check out New Avenues’ website to see what these folks are up to.

Throughout the month of February, we will be bringing you additional information about our Sox! drive and details about the work of the SMYRC.  As we say each Sunday, let us be grateful when we are able to give. And the next time you are at Freddie’s, Target, Kohl’s or wherever socks are sold, show these kids some LOVE by picking up a pair or two and toss them into our Rainbow Sox Box!

In Fellowship & Love,  Sulima, Annie, Lorraine N, Chelsea & Jay, and Carrie T-J