Getting the Most from Your Giving

We all know that philanthropy has the power to change the world, but surprisingly few people are actually getting the full benefit of their charitable giving.  Giving smart, integrating your charitable budget into your overall finances and knowing how to measure the efficiency of the charities to which you give, is a good place to start.  But as UU’s, we’re missing an unequaled opportunity to multiply the impact of our donations if we don’t firmly and deliberately anchor our giving choices to our personal values.  Additionally, giving as a family (or as a community) offers a unique and powerful way to promote family unity, pass down real family values, teach financial responsibility and even prevent and heal rifts in the family—and you don’t have to be a millionaire to do it! When strategically employed, the ongoing privilege of giving based on values can become a lasting part of your legacy and a treasured cross-generational tradition.