When: April 23rd, 12:15 – 2:15
Where: WHUUF, Forest Hall
As we go about our work for peace, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection, we sometimes encounter groups and individuals who use dismissive language at best and inflammatory language or hate speech at worst. This type of language has become especially rife since the election and installation of Donald Trump in the White House.  
If we want to create a healthy, peaceful, socially just world, how do we respond to dismissive or hateful language?  In this workshop we will explore firm but loving ways to respond to those who would hurl hate or dismissive speech at us and those things we stand for. 
Through discussion and role playing, participants will create “scripts” we can use when dismissed as “PC” “wackos” or when faced with the language of hate. Please join us!
Questions? Contact anyone at the Social Justice table downstairs in the Coffee Room after the service, or contact the church office at 503-246-3351.