treeStewardship is the activity of protecting and being responsible for something.  Here at WHUUF that something is our mission, our programs and ministries, our green sanctuary, and our congregation.  We steward in four ways. We steward with our presence. We steward with our money. We steward with our time and talents. And we steward with our spirits by bringing loving hearts and open minds to our beloved community. Donating our time, our talents, and our treasure through our Stewardship Ministry makes WHUUF strong, healthy, and able to minister effectively in the world.

Financial pledges are an important piece of our Stewardship, and we ask every member and every friend to pledge as generously as possible.  Through the generosity of our founders and all of those who followed them our congregation is alive and vibrant today. Grateful for the gifts of the past, we in turn offer our pledges so that WHUUF will continue to build into the future.

At WHUUF there is no “they” who ask for money every year.  We ask one another. We recommend members and friends use the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Fair Share Giving Guide to plan their financial giving.

At WHUUF we practice shared ministry which means volunteering is vital our mission, ministries, and congregation.  Just as we ask and expect a pledge of financial support, we ask and expect gifts of time and talent from our each person in our faith community.

It takes all of us working together to make WHUUF happen.  That is the nature of stewardship in our congregation.  We all give generously so that together we plant seeds of inspiration, grow compassionate community, and bloom in service to the wider world.

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